The Flex Membrane


The Flex membrane has been specifically made to be used as curb flashing for our waterproofing systems, and as the first layer membrane in the Dri-Shield System.


The Flex membrane is 4 mm in thickness and is prefabricated as a polyester reinforced Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene (SBS) elastoplast polymer. The membrane has the following composite features.

Premium Resins

Manufactured with premium APP resins, incorporating distilled bitumen and the latest generation of polyolefin techno polymers.

Reinforced Fiber

The membrane is reinforced with a non-woven continuous fiber polyester mat, in combination with a steel reinforcing mat.

Stabilized Fiberglass

Stabilized with fiberglass thread to give the membrane a high longitudinal stability.

Silica Finish

Silica sand as the top finish of the membrane.


Flex Membrane is a perfect waterproofing membrane due to the following key features.


Armor Membrane is puncture and tear resistant which ensures its durability when used in waterproofing systems.


The ability to be quite flexible allows the Armor Membrane to be installed anywhere. This is why it is used extensively for curb line flashing.

Elongation Properties

Armor Membrane has superior elongation properties.

Tensile Strength

High tensile strength enables the Flex Membrane to endure heavy pressures and harsh temperature conditions ensuring reliability and efficient waterproofing results.


Owing to exceptional compositional properties and beneficial key features, Flex Membrane has many uses.


Used as curb line flashing.

First layer

Used in the Dri-Shield System as the first layer membrane.