Dek-RR is a concentrated elastic synthetic resin-based waterproofing latex in a water emulsion. It has been specifically engineered for the waterproofing of concrete railway bridge structures, to prevent and stop the damaging effects deriving from atmospheric conditions. Dek-RR’s liquidity allows it to fill in any micro-cracking in the concrete deck. The application of the product is simple, fast and safe. Removal of tracks, ties and ballast is not required. Down time for use of the tracks is minimal.

Dek-RR is long lasting, ensuring great resistance, both at low temperatures as well as high temperatures. Both Primer and Waterproof can be applied simply through a “Broadcast and Spot Sprayer”. After applying each solution on railroad bridge deck, let the area dry (for an hour) for it to penetrate the concrete deck. Coverage is 6 Square Yards per Gallon mixed approximately (depending on substrate condition).