The Dri-Span Membrane


Concrete is highly porous and therefore susceptible to the infiltration of water and other chemicals. Left unattended, this can lead to the deterioration of bridge structures. A waterproofing membrane prevents moisture penetration, thereby ensuring maximum life for concrete bridges.

The Dri-Span Membrane is a specially designed and engineered bitumen product used for protection against typical corrosion conditions that exist on highway and railway structures. It is a perfect amalgam of engineering and architecture that is both durable and cost-effective. The Dri-Span Membrane keeps the underlying concrete safe from foreign particles like moisture, salts, chemicals and corrosive materials that can cause bridge failures in the long run.


Dri-Span membrane is 5mm in thickness and is prefabricated as a polyester reinforced Atactic Polypropylene (APP) modified bitumen roll. The membrane has the following compositional features:

Premium Resins

Manufactured with premium APP resins, incorporating distilled bitumen and the latest generation of polyolefin techno polymers.

Reinforced Fiber

Reinforced with a non-woven continuous fiber polyester mat.

Stabilized Fiberglass

Stabilized with fiberglass thread to give the membrane a high longitudinal stability.

Top Layer

Instead of ceramic granules, the top layer is Silica Sand which does not impede bonding of the wearing surface to the membrane.



The membrane is impermeable to water.

Good adhesion

Membrane offers great adhesion to the deck and the protective riding surface.


Resistant to traffic before application of the riding surface, it is puncture and tear resistant.

Easy Application

Capable of bridging cracks in the concrete deck or the opening of joints between adjacent precast members. Safe to apply, with low volatile emissions.

Flexible Temperature Range

Able to withstand high and low temperatures and it can be applied over a wide range of temperatures. Low temperature flexibility increases applications to a great extent.

Strength and Elongation

Superior elongation properties with exceptional tensile strength.



A crucial part of the Dri-Shield system and Dri-Span system combined

Wide applicability

Used to waterproof concrete structures like bridges, highways, tunnels, railway tracks etc.

Protects Concrete

Prevents moisture, chlorides, salts and corrosive agents from reaching the underlying concrete.