For many years, Asphaltic plug joint system has been used for waterproofing small movement bridges. Although the method is quite beneficial, the system is still susceptible to leakage and results in material flowing out of the block-out in the traffic lanes.

To prevent this problem, DEK-SHIELD Infrastructure Solutions LLC has engineered a waterproofing expansion Joint protection system named the Dri-Shield System. It is a perfect remedy for the problem at hand. The use of the Dri-Shield System is a solution to stop deterioration by preventing moisture and chlorides from reaching the concrete and bridge-pillars. This is achieved by waterproofing the expansion joint with an impenetrable barrier.



The Dri-Shield System is a combination of specially engineered waterproofing membranes that are compatible to each other and to the other components of the bridge construction. There are Four component products in the system.


A quick dry liquid coating, used to prepare the concrete substrate and to enhance the adhesion of the waterproof membranes to the bridge deck ensuring a perfect waterproofing foundation.


Dri-Span membrane

A 5mm thick waterproofing membrane prefabricated as polyester reinforced Atactic Polypropylene (APP) modified bitumen roll. The top finish is silica sand.


Flex Membrane

A 4mm thick softer deck waterproofing membrane reinforced with a non-woven continuous fiber polyester mat. Used for curb line flashing due to superior elongation properties.


Armor Membrane

A pre-fabricated 4mm Atactic Polypropylene waterproofing membrane, reinforced with an additional layer of a steel mesh that provides additional strength against the mechanical shock of heavy applied loads.



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