The Dri-Prime Primer

Dri-Prime partially viscous liquid primer ensures long lasting bonding between the deck surface and our waterproofing membranes owing to its adhesion properties. This is a primer in a water emulsion designed and engineered for use with our preformed waterproofing membranes. It is the foremost step of the installation of our waterproofing systems.


Dri-prime is manufactured with distilled bitumen, water and other additives that ensure rapid drying, and added adhesive characteristics. These components combine together to give the primer a brown colored appearance.


Unlike other low standard primers, Dri-Prime contains the following key features that make it better than the rest.

Quick Drying

As time is an important factor on a construction project, Dri-Prime is quick drying, enabling installation of the preformed waterproofing membranes in a timely manner. This benefit saves you ample time and resources.

Good Adhesion

Dri-Prime serves long lasting adhesion purposes for the waterproofing membrane. This makes the waterproofing system ever so reliable.

Perfect Viscosity

The medium viscosity of this primer makes it easier to be thinned out while its application which not only saves time but will also covers more area of the deck with little quantity.

Easy Application

Dri-Prime can be easily applied using a brush, roller or spay. It can be thinned out with water (up to 20%) for ease of application.

Safe to Use

This primer can be applied without worrying about any volatile emissions. It is totally safe to use.


Cover large surface area of the concrete structures with little quantity of Dri-Prime. Each pail is 20KG (5.5 gallons) which permits coverage per pail to be 125 Square Yards.


Dri-Prime is the first step and a vital part of our waterproofing systems, providing excellent adhesion qualities for the bonding of the membranes to the concrete deck.